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Selenium with Java Tutorials

Cucumber with Java Tutorials


1. Selenium Fundamentals

2. Installation, Configuration & Execution

3. Set up Framework in Selenium (Coming Soong)

4. Handling Browsers (Coming Soon)

5. Locating Elements

  • List of Selenium Locators
  • Using Browser Elements to inspect elements (Coming Soong)
  • Locating Elements using findElement method (Coming Soon)
  • Location Element using findElements method (Coming Soon)
  • Locating Elements by ID (Coming Soon)
  • Locating Elements by Name (Coming Soon)
  • Locating Elements by Class Name (Coming Soon)
  • Locating Elements by Tag Name (Coming Soon)
  • Locating Elements by Link Text (Coming Soon)
  • Location Elements by Partial Link Text (Coming Soon)
  • Locating Elements by XPath (Coming Soon)
  • Location Elements by CSS

6. Interaction with Web Elements (Coming Soon)

7. Page Object Model (Coming Soon)

8. Handling Alerts, Popups and Frames (Coming Soon)

9. Handling Tables and Tabs (Coming Soon)

10. Selenium Waits (Coming Soon)

11. Action Class (Coming Soon)

12. Data Driven Testing (Coming Soon)

13. Reporting (Coming Soon)

14. Screenshot Capturing & Image Handling (Coming Soon)

15. Integration with Maven (Coming Soon)

16. Jenkins Integration (Coming Soon)

17. Database Connection (Coming Soon)

18. Extras (Coming Soon)