Severity in Allure Report

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We can prioritize tests based on their severity using @severity annotation from allure.

Allure Report defines four levels of severity:

  1. Blocker: A blocker is a severe defect that blocks the application's functionality. The application can only proceed further with fixing the issue.
  2. Critical: A critical defect is a high-priority issue that can cause significant application functionality problems.
  3. Normal: A normal defect is a medium-priority issue that does not cause significant application functionality problems.
  4. Minor: A minor defect is a low-priority issue that does not affect the application's functionality but may cause some inconvenience or confusion for the end users.
    public void test3() {
        int a = 3;
        int b = 4;
        System.out.println(b / a);
  • Here we have used the normal severity.
  • You can assign the type we want to use based on the severity type.