Create Selenium Project with IntelliJ IDEA and Maven

Intellij is one of the popular IDE for creating Selenium/Java Projects now a days. Intellij comes in two version one is Ultimate and second one is Community. Ultimate is licensed version of intellij and community version is unlicensed version of intellij.
Lets start with our first project with Intellij.

I hope you have already installed java in your machine. If not then please install the java. After installation done, start from step 1.

Step 1: Open File -> New -> Project

When you click on the project tab it shows a list of projects. Here, I am choosing maven. Why maven only. Maven is a build automation tool which has two aspects. First it describes how software is built and another one is dependencies.

Step 2: Check in Project SDK that the java is visible there. Click on Next button.

Step 3: After clicking on Next Button we have two fields. One is Name and second is location. In Name we have to define the name of the project and in location we have to give the path of the directory where we want our project . Apart from that we have artificat coordinates. When we click on artefact coordinates. It show us three fields group id, artifact id and version. Let's have a look on group id, artefact id and version as well.

  • Group ID: Group id helps to identify your unique project among all projects. It is an id of the project’s group. For example com.programsbuzz.selenium has selenium project. Here com is your domain name, programsbuzz is your company name and selenium is project name.
  • Artifact ID: Artifact id is an id of the project or we can say that it’s the name of the project. So if we define selenium in the artfact id. So our project name will be Selenium. Basically, artifactId is the name of the jar without version. 
  • Version: It defines the version of the project. Version is used along with group id and artifact’s repository to separate it from the previous version of the project.
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