Selenium Hover Over Element

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Hovering on a webpage is a digital action where it unfolds events and shows up what is bound inside the element. Often commonly used in sub-menu items, it reveals a long list of the menu when hovered on.

In selenium, we can perform using the actions class.

  • This is the programsbuzz site. When hovered upon, we can see the menu unfolds within it.
  • Let us try to use the actions class on this and hover over 'tutorials.'
        Actions ac = new Actions(driver);
  • We declare actions class like this.
        WebElement subMenu = driver.findElement(By.xpath("//a[@class='we-megamenu-nolink']"));
        Actions ac = new Actions(driver);
  • After storing the selector of tutorials, we then pass it into moveToElement because this does the job of hovering over elements.
  • After passing, make sure to build and perform, as this will only get triggered when this goes along.