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Difference between Selenium and Cucumber

Cucumber and Selenium are open-source and free tools. Cucumber can be integrated with Selenium for testing and can be used for cross-browser web applications testing. Below are the differences:

Point of Distinction Selenium Cucumber
Framework? Automation Testing Framework Not a Testing Framework
Tool Type Browser Automation Testing Tool Testing Tool based on the BDD.
Written in Mostly in Java Ruby
Test Script Writing Programming Language Gherkin
Automation Tool Functional and Performance Automation tool. Not an automation tool
Readability Selenium scripts are difficult to read for client and management Readable by client and management team
Performance Performance of Selenium scripts are faster Makes script execution slow
Installation Difficult to install compare to cucumber Easy to install
Reliability More Less
Usage Selenium is used for API, UI, Functional, Regression, performance testing. Cucumber is used for story testing
Programming language support Java, Python, Ruby, .Net Java, Scala, Ruby, Groovy
Documentation Time Not Saved Saved.
Syntax Error Easily Noticed You need to compile first
Plugins In Selenium, Plugins works slower as compared to cucumber Faster
Conditional Statements Can Use Can not use
Script Review Technical QA Anyone

Submitted by tgoswami on August 29, 2020

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