How to Email Extent Report in Selenium WebDriver

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To email an Extent Report generated by Selenium WebDriver, you can use the following steps:

  • Generate the Extent Report using Selenium WebDriver and save it to a local directory.
  • Use a Java email library, such as apache commons mail, to create an email message.
  • Attach the Extent Report file to the email message using the attachment functionality provided by the email library.
  • Specify the recipient's email address, subject, and body of the email message.
  • Use an email provider like Gmail or Yahoo to send the email message.

EmailAttachment attachment = new EmailAttachment();


        attachment.setDescription(" Test Execution Report");

        // Create the email message
        MultiPartEmail email = new MultiPartEmail();
        email.setAuthenticator(new DefaultAuthenticator("your email", "authentication_code"));
        email.addTo("toemail", "Test");
        email.setFrom("from email", "Me");
        email.setSubject("Automation Test Execution Report");
        email.setMsg("Automation Test Execution Report");

  • First, we use the apache commons mail library and set the path of the extent report.
  • Then we put the description and then used the multipart email library.
  • Here we set the SMTP port and other Gmail authentication tokens and emails.
  • Set the from mail and to mail accordingly.
  • Finally, attach the attachment and send the mail.


This is a simple and effective way of sending a freshly generated extent report through mail.