Traceability between the Test Basis and Test Work Products

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In order to implement effective test monitoring and control, it is essential to establish and maintain Traceability throughout the test process between each element of the test basis and the various test work products associated with that element.

Test Coverage evaluation is done using Traceability. Also, using Traceability, we can:

  • Examine the impact of changes
  • Make Testing Auditable 
  • Fulfil IT governance criteria 
  • Improve the understanding of Test Status and Summary Reports. For example, information related to requirement mapped test cases status like a number of the pass, fail, or pending test cases.
  • To evaluate if we have missed any aspects to be tested or documented. 
  • Communicate the technical aspect of Testing to stakeholders
  • Provide information about product quality
  • Share information regarding Process capability
  • Convey Project Progress against Business Goals

Organizations use Test Management tools or project management tools or build their custom solutions to organize the work products and provide the information traceability they require.