Test Work Products

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Test work products are created as part of the Test Process. For each Test Process Activities Group, there are corresponding Work Products. Work products are generally documents prepared as a part of Test Activities. There is significant variation in the kinds of work products created during the Test process, how those products are organized and managed, and the terms used for those work products. 

1. Test Planning Work Products

Test Planning work products include one or more test plans. For example, Master Test Plan or Test Plan at each Test level. The Test Plan provides information about the test basis to which the other test work products will be related via traceability information. Test Plan also includes exit criteria used during Test Monitoring and Control.

2. Test Monitoring and Control Work Products

It includes various test reports like::

  • Test Progress Report that is produced on a regular or ongoing basis
  • Test Completion Report produced at different completion milestone

These work products address project management concerns such as test completion, resource allocation, usage, and effort.

3. Test Analysis Work Products

Test Analysis work products include:

  • Defined and prioritized test conditions.
  • Traceability Documents between test conditions and test basis
  • Test Charters in case of Exploratory Testing

Test analysis also results in the discovery and reporting of defects on a test basis.

4. Test Design Work Products

Test Design Work Products include:

  • Test Cases (Logical or Concrete)
  • Identification of Test Data
  • Design of the Test Environment
  • Identification of Infrastructure and Tools

Test Cases are also required to have traceability between the test scenario and test basis, respectively.

5. Test Implementation Work Products

Test conditions defined in test analysis may be further refined in test implementation. Test Implementation work products include:

  • Test procedures and sequencing of Test Procedure
  • Test suites
  • Test execution schedules
  • Test Scripts 

6. Test Execution Work Products

Test Execution work products includes:

  • Test Case or Test Procedure Execution Status Document
  • Defect Report
  • Documentation about which test item(s), test object(s), test tools, and testware were involved in the testing
  • Coverage Measure Report

7. Test Completion Work Products

Test Completion Work Products include:

  • Test Summary Reports
  • Action items for improvement of subsequent projects or iterations
  • Change requests or product backlog items
  • finalized testware
  • Acceptance Report of the product
  • Report about Open Defects