Test Activities and Tasks

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As per ISTQB Syllabus, A Fundamental Test Process consists of seven main groups of activities. Which includes:

  1. Test Planning
  2. Test Monitoring and Control
  3. Test Analysis
  4. Test Design
  5. Test Implementation
  6. Test Execution
  7. Test Completion

There is no specific universal set of activities that must be followed during Software Testing, but the above one is widely adopted. Each main group of activities is composed of constituent activities, and each constituent activity consists of multiple individual tasks. Individual Tasks for each constituent activity vary from one project or release to another.

Further, some of these main activity groups may appear logically sequential, but they are often implemented iteratively or tailored based on the context of the system and project. 

For Example, In Agile Development, these activities are performed iteratively because, in Agile, testing is performed continuously, supported by ongoing planning. Even in the case of Sequential Development, the step-wise logical sequence of main groups of activities will involve overlap, combination, concurrency, or omission.