Prerequisites for Winium Tool

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Now, as we all know, Winium is an open-source tool that uses selenium to automate windows applications and uses WinForms and WPF GUI library to identify elements.

Now here are the prerequisites needed for Winium:

We need the below things before we can start using Winium for the automation.

1. Microsoft .Net Framework

Version 4.5.1 or higher. You can download from here

2. Winium Desktop exe

File For Starting its Server. You can download from here

3. GUI Elements Identifier Tool

You can use either UISpy or Windows Inspect.exe

4. Winium Jar Or Dependency

If you are working with Java, you can download the dependency from here.


    5. Supported Framework

    Library for Supported Framework like TestNG, JUnit or NUnit.

    6. IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

    For Java you can use IntelliJ IDEA or Eclipse.

    These are all the things needed for winium before we can start working with it.