Windows Automation: Inspect Elements using Inspect EXE

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Inspect (Inspect.exe) is a Windows-based tool using which you can select any UI element and view the element's accessibility data.

Inspect is installed as part of Windows Software Development Kit (SDK), it is not distributed as a separate download. You can download Windows SDK from here.

Inspect.exe is located in the \bin\<version>\<platform> folder.

To get older version of inspect Exe file without installing Windows SDK, click here

Step 1: Launch Inspect Exe

This is the inside of how the exe file looks.

Step 2: Launch Calculator or any other Windows Application

Step 3: Select the cursor, focus or any other inspector from top of inspect windows

use inspect exe in windows

Step 4: Select any key from Calculator

Step 5: You will get all the related information like name, classname and id (automationId) in inspect window. In our example we have select 8 so you can see we got name and automationId for element 8.

how to use inspect exe for windows application