Install Oracle XE 21C on Windows 10

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Oracle Express Edition is easy to install and manage and is free to develop, deploy and distribute. Also from this version migration to Other edition of oracle database is not costly and complex.

Oracle Database express edition can be installed on any machine with any number of CPUs. It stores up to 11 GB of user data using up to 1 GB of memory and using only one CPU on the host machine.

Steps to Install Oracle 21C Express Edition

Step 1: Go to Oracle Download

Step 2: From Developer Downloads section select Database

how to install oracle xe 21c on windows 10

Step 3: Select Database Express Edition from Database section

oracle 21c express edition installation

Step 4: Select the latest version for Windows from the Oracle Database 21c Expression Edition list

oracle database 21c express edition installation guide

Step 5: Download will start once you click on the link, extract the file once download finished. At the bottom you will find setup.exe Open that file

install oracle 21c windows

Step 6: On Welcome screen click next

oracle 21c windows installation

Step 7: Accept License and click Next 

oracle 21c installation step by step

Step 8: Change the folder if you want otherwise click on Next

oracle database 21c express edition for windows x64

Step 9: Enter Password, this is very important password to remember for later use

how to install oracle 21c express edition on windows 10

Step 10: On Summary page click on Install. 

oracle 21c download for windows

Step 11: Prepare a tea, till the time installation reach to finish.

oracle 21c installation on windows