Connect SQL Developer to Oracle Express Database

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In previous tutorial we have installed Oracle Express Edition and SQL Developer on our Windows 10 Machine. In this video we will connect to our oracle database using SQL Developer.

Step 1: Click on + icon on left top corner.

oracle sql developer connection

Step 2: On New / Select Database Connection give name of your choice to database connection. From Color Platte, this color is used to differentiate different type of database connections. Database Type should be oracle.

create database oracle sql developer

Step 3: In User Info, Enter Username: SYS, Password (The password you have entered while installing oracle express edition). Role: SYSDBA. For Username and Role you can select other default user. Save the password if you want.

connect sql developer to oracle database

Step 4: Do not change any value for Basic connection type unless you are very sure what you are doing.

connect oracle express edition sql developer

Step 5: Click on Test to test the connection. You will get success message on bottom left corner. 

oracle sql developer new connection

Step 6: Click on Connect. You will able to see you connection on left top corner now.

sql developer not connecting to oracle database