IMDB Movie Assignment: Problem Statement with Basic Instructions

What is the Problem Statement?

You have multiple rows of data that contain the list of movies that were top 100 rated movies in the past. The Data contains various information regarding Actors, Genres, Voters, and other information about the Movies.

In this case study, we are going to see how we can analyze the data. Also, we will make out How our understanding of Python can help us understand the data so well.

Some answers to the questions related to this assignment:

1. From where can I get the data to work on this Case Study?

You can find the attached files of data at the bottom of this page. Download the files and, yes, you will have your data.

2. Where do I need to practice and write the code?

To practice for the code, you all can download Jupyter Notebook. Also, a file named ‘Movie Assignment.ipynb’ is also attached at the bottom of the page. The file itself contains all the instructions and information you need to follow while working on the data. The only thing that you need to do is download the file and start working on that in Jupyter Notebook.

NOTE: .ipynb is an extension that represents that file belongs to a Jupyter Notebook.

3. What basics should I know before looking forward to this assignment?

You all must have a basic understanding of the Jupyter notebook. You should know how to run and implement the codes. Basic knowledge of different modules of Python is also necessary, with an understanding of the importance of analysis.

4. How to start with the assignment?

  • First and the foremost task is to have a look at the data and understand it. Read the data and gain knowledge about what it is all about and what does it represents.
  • Always follow the instructions given in the notebook to run your analysis. It will help you to get a clear picture of what operation you need to perform.
  • It is good practice to check the dataset after every operation you perform. It investigates whether the applied command is working the same as you want it to be.
  • Never forget to import the modules before running the command.


MovieAssignmentDataDictionary (3).xlsx
MovieAssignmentData (3).csv
IMDb+Movie+Assignment (2).ipynb

Click on the above three links and you will have the data required for the case study to be performed.