How to install pandas using Anaconda?

Pandas is the most common tools used for data manipulation and data analysis. Here are some steps to setup Pandas in anaconda.

Step 1: Start Anaconda Navigator.

Step 2: Click on Crate Button. Enter the name for the Environment. Example: Pandas

Step 3: Select Python Version for the Environment. Click OK.


Step 4: Click on name of the new Environment to activate it.

Step 5: Apply the filter All to see all package available in all the channel.


Step 6: In Search Box, search for Pandas.

Step 7: Select the checkbox infront of Pandas Package.

Step 8: In the menu select Mark for Specific Version Installation.

Step 9: Select the version of Pandas.


Step 10: Click the Apply.

Step 11: The Pandas Package will get installed.

Step 12: For using new Environment.Click on Environment tab.

Step 13: Click on arrow button next to pandas.

Step 14: Select the tool to use Pandas.