Handle Autocomplete in Playwright Java

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This article will show how we can handle autocomplete using playwright java.

We are going to use this site called https://demo.automationtesting.in/AutoComplete.html.

    String expectedText = "Guatemala";

        Locator autoC = page
                .locator("//div[@class='ui-autocomplete-multiselect ui-state-default ui-widget ui-state-active']");
        int autoCcount = autoC.count();


        for (int i = 0; i < autoCcount; i++) {

            String autoCText = autoC.nth(i).textContent();
            if (autoCText == expectedText) {



  • First, we are going to navigate to the respective page.
  • Then we take the locator of the search box where autocomplete suggestions appear.
  • We will get the count of the locator and then use this count inside for loop.
  • Using the nth and passing in the iterated value, we get the text content of the autocomplete suggestion box.
  • Then using the locator we tool earlier, we click on the expected string we stored using the if statement.