Features of MySQL

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MySQL has some of the features pertaining to its unique functionality.

Some of the main features of MySQL is as follows:

  • It is based on SQL.
  • It is open source and can be run on most compatible environments.
  • It is friendly and compatible with PHP which means we can directly connect with PHP and create a website, create a web database, and share it with others and work on it.
  • We connect easily and manipulate the databases with PHP.
  • MySQL is also based on the regular client server-based architecture
  • It is highly secure and flexible.
  • It is said to be Highly Scalable which means it supports large databases of up to millions of rows or more in a table.
  • The default file size is nerfed to 4GB which can be increased.
  • MySQL is multithreaded by the usage of the kernel threads meaning it can handle multiple CPUs with ease if available.
  • It supports an in-memory heap table.
  • MySQL has a high-speed memory allocation system that is thread-based.