Introduction to MySQL

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So before we get to know about what MySQL is we will get to understand the base of this MySQL which is a database.

What is a database?

  • A place where there are some collection of data/records or we can call it an application instead of a database.
  • It gives us the ease of fetching and having visions of the stored data in a more structural table format with rows columns and indexes which will be easy to fetch the relevant pieces of information as quickly as possible.
  • It has an API that helps in fetching, storing, creating, searching data it is frequently storing.

What is MySQL?

  • It is a relational database management system based on structured query language.
  • Official pronounced as My Ess Que ELL but some may call it My Sequel which is not the right pronunciation.
  • A widely used popular DBMS (database management system) where it is used to manage relational databases.
  • An open-source DB supported by oracle.
  • MySQL is so fast and scalable and most importantly is it is most easy to use when compared to the Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Mostly it works under the influence of PHP scripts to make it more dynamic.

MySQL Background

  • Developed and supported by a Swedish company named MySQL AB which is written in C language and C++ language too.
  • Many top companies currently use MySQL knowing its ultimate features.
  • It supports many operating systems like Windows, Linux, macOS that influence C, C++, and Java Programming Language.

MySQL RDBMS (Relational Database Management System)

  • The main reason it is an RDBMS is because of its main implementations on tables, rows, columns, and indexes operations.
  • Always defines the relationship of the database through table form this is what it's been called relations.
  • Can update the table indexes all by itself.
  • Many SQL queries are used to combine and query the various user-defined tables no matter they are in multiple forms.