History of MySQL

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Michael Widenius who was the founder of MySQL pretty much named after his daughter who was called 'My'.

  • So in 1979, Michael Widenius by time has developed a database tool of his own called UNIREG solely to manage databases.
  • UNIREG was written in many languages which were inturn extended to handle some pretty big databases.
  • Michael one day contacted David Hughes who was the author of the SQL to check on him whether to connect his UNIREG b+ ISAM handler to provide the indexing to mSQL and that's the origin story of MySQL.
  • 1995 - First MySQL AB was founded by Michael Widenius, Allan Larsson, Axmark David 
  • 2000 - It was declared open source under the GPL terms as a result the revenue got hit and fell but made up for it with a toll after one year.
  • 2001 - Marten Mickos was elected as CEO at the age of 38 for MySQL raised installations of MySQL level because of his marketing background.
  • 2002 - With 3 million active users MySQL launched its first headquarters in Sweden.
  • 2003 - From benchmark capital and index value, MySQL raised around a 19million dollars with 4 million active installations at hand and almost over 30,000 downloads per day ended its year with 12 million dollars.
  • 2004 - decided to move into more enterprise market and was planning to focus on recurring revenue through end-users rather than one-time licensing fees and ended the year with 20 million dollar revenue.
  • 2005 - Launched the MySQL network model after the RedHat network where the subscription was targeted for end-users that provided alerts, updates, notifications, etc which made it easy for the company to manage the servers. This ended the year with 34 million dollars.
  • 2006 - Marten Mickos confirmed that Oracle tried to buy MySQL to which Larry Ellison CEO of oracle commented otherwise about martens' comment and made this year-end with a whopping 50 million in revenue.
  • 2007 - Made 75 million dollars by the end of this year.
  • 2008 - Sunmicrosystems acquired MySQL AB  for a whopping 1 billion dollars
  • 2009 - Marten Mickos left  SUN during which sun and oracle came to the term of the agreement that oracle will acquire a common stock share of the sun for 9$ per share. This was however valued approximately to 7.4 billion dollars