Download Install Windows SDK 10

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Windows SDK provides the latest headers, libraries, metadata, and tools for building Windows applications. Also you can get Inspect exe file after installing it to automate Windows application.

Step 1: Search for download windows sdk and open link with developer dot microsoft 

from where to download windows 10 SDK

Step 2: It will auto detect your system, do read the system requirements. Jump to Step 3 for other versions.

download windows sdk 10

Step 3: Scroll to Previous SDK versions and click on archive page link

how to download the previous version of windows sdk

Step 4: Select the version of your choice from Windows SDK and emulator archive page

download the latest version of Windows SDK

Step 5: click on INSTALL SDK > , at the bottom you will see the downloaded file

install windows sdk on windows 10

Step 6: Change the directory if you want otherwise click on next

change the default location of windows sdk

Step 7: If you want Microsoft to collect insights click Yes otherwise No

allow microsoft to collect insights from Windows SDK

Step 8: Accept the licence 

accept the windows sdk license

Step 9: Uncheck the checbox to skip some tools you are not interested in otherwise click on next

install specific windows SDK tools

Step 10: Installation done. Close it and find your tool in installed directory or recently installed tool or you can search for it.

installation done for windows sdk

list all Windows sdk tools