Cypress MochAwesome Reporter

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In this article, we are going to see about an interesting reporter tool that is visually appealing and has stunning reports on the test used in cypress.

Mochawesome is a custom reporter tool available as a plugin for cypress.


  1. Node 14 and above.
  2. Cypress 10 and above.

1.) Install Mochawesome

npm i --save-dev cypress-mochawesome-reporter

2.) Cypress.config.js

Copy and paste these two lines in the correct area.

 reporter: 'cypress-mochawesome-reporter,'



Visual Example:

Cypress MochAwesome Reporter

3.) E2e.js

Go to the e2e.js file and add this.

import 'cypress-mochawesome-reporter/register';

4.) Mochawesome In Action

This article will run a failed test and see how the report produces the failure.

Cypress MochAwesome Reporter

We can see that the test failed, and above, we can see the location for the HTML mochawesome report.

Cypress MochAwesome Reporter

Here we can find a detailed description of why the test failed.

Cypress MochAwesome Reporter

Failed screenshots are also added, which is pretty good.