Cypress getCookie Command

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getCookie command in cypress is used to fetch a browser cookie by its name.


cy.getCookie(name, options)

Arguments Used In getCookie:

  • Name: The name of the cookie to fetch goes here.
  • Options:
    • ¬†Domain: Superdomain of the current URL retrieves the cookie from the specified domain
    • Log: Displays command in the command log.
    • ¬†Timeout: Wait time for cy.getCookie() to resolve before timing out.

Proper Usage Of getCookie:



For example, the programsbuzz login page will be used to get a cookie and play around with it.

Here is the list of cookies for the page and its properties with them. let's play around with _gat and _gcl_au cookies.

describe('getCookie Command',() => {
   it('Visit Page',() => {
       cy.getCookie('_gcl_au').then((cookie) => {

Using _gat cookie, we are asserting property value to be 1.
With _gcl_au, the cookie, we expect property and value to be 'domain' and ''.
  • We can see that it has been asserted successfully.

This shows the cookies _gat and _gcl_au we fetched, along with their various properties and value.

Yield Of getCookie:

  • getCookie yields domain, expiry, httpOnly, name, path, value, sameSite, and secure.
  • When cy.getCookie() cannot find a matching or specified name, it yields null.