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Cypress setCookie Command

setCookie command in cypress pretty much does what the name suggests. It sets the browser cookie.


cy.setCookie(name, value)
cy.setCookie(name, value, options)

Arguments Used In setCookie:

  1. name: Name of the cookie to set
  2. value: Value for the cookie to set
  3. options

Options In setCookie:

  1. Log: Displays command in the command log.
  2. Domain: Used to set the domain the cookie is visible to, and the default is window.location.hostname.
  3. Expiry: Since the Unix epoch is used to set when the cookie expires, the default is 20 years from now.
  4. HttpOnly: Used to specify whether the cookie is HTTP only cookie.
  5. Path: Cookie path.
  6. Secure: Secure cookie.
  7. Timeout: Time to wait for my.setCookie() to resolve.
  8. sameSite: Cookie's SameSite value. If set should be one of lax, strict, or no_restriction.


Let us try to set a cookie and assert its value to be equal to the set value of the cookie.

        cy.setCookie('session_id', '77eiincnw3ne88fsfdscvs')

cypress set cookie

  • So we are ensuring that the cookie is empty first and setting the cookie using the setCookie command to some random cookie value.
  • Using the value, we assert the cookie value of the session_id name we assigned it to.
  • So we can see that can assert that the cookie values are identical for session_id.

Rules For Using setCookie():

  • cy.setCookie() should be chained with cy.
  • cy.setCookie() only runs assertions chained once and won't retry.
  • cy.setCookie() never times out.
Submitted by arilio666 on June 17, 2022

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