Cypress File Upload

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There is an option to upload files in cypress using an external plugin which needs to be installed before doing the upload operation.

Install Cypress-File-Upload Plugin

Type in the below command to install the file upload plugin in the command line.

npm install –dev cypress-file-upload

You will see below output once installation is successfully done.


Import Cypress-file-upload Plugin

Navigate to the support folder, open the commands.js file, and add the statement below.

import 'cypress-file-upload'

Then, make sure this commands.js is imported in cypress/support/index.js (it might be commented):

Note: if you are using version Cypress 10 or above add it to e2e.js. For typescript it will be e2e.ts.

import "./commands";

Upload file to Fixture Folder

Upload File to fixture folder. We have uploaded G.png. You can also create folder inside fixture folder and give path like foldername/imagename in your code.

cypress upload file

Cypress File Upload Example

Demo Link:

At the bottom of the page you will see below file upload input and button.

upload file cypressOnce you will upload file a link will be generated where you can view your file.

file upload in cypress

Code for File Upload

describe('Automate AutoPract',()=>
    it('Upload File',()=>{
        // File Name in Variiable
        const f = 'G.png'
        // Close poup which appear after visiting autopract
        // Specify locator for choose file input and use attach file method
        // Click on Upload Button


cypress test file upload