What Makes Super Apps Successful

What Makes Super Apps Successful

Super apps are one of the most highly anticipated pieces of technology that allow you to access multiple services and features on a single platform. Super apps might not be globally accepted or popular, but they are gradually expanding their market after dominating the Asian market. The success of super apps is remarkable so far as they have succeeded in establishing an unmatched presence in the Asian market. 

One can’t simply argue for the dominance of these super high-tech pieces of technology because almost everyone in Asian countries uses super apps. But why? Why are super apps so much in usage in Asian countries? Well, the story behind the success of these apps is very interesting, and we are going about it in this post. So, let’s dive right into it without wasting any more time.

Before exploring its back story, we want to tell you what super apps are.

Super apps are phone applications that can provide users with multiple users and features. A super app can be based on a single niche like finances or offer different services from different web dimensions. For example, Wikolo is a super app that offers features like online payment, a marketplace, a roommate-finding service, and much more. People can download and use the super app as per their requirements. 

Now that you have a clear idea about super apps let’s move ahead and have a little background success story.

The backstory of super app success

Asian countries were not introduced to the internet through computers. Computers came much later in the game. Before them, mobile phones had already marked the market in Asian nations. That’s why the Asian population relied on their cell phones to browse the internet. However, phones back then were not as advanced as they are now. The storage space, the speed, everything was not very efficient. That’s why people wanted a phone application that does not take up a lot of space and helps them access various services and features. The demand raised and gave birth to super apps. These phone applications were exactly what the Asian population wanted. The obsession with these super apps spread quickly, and in no time, people in Asian countries were using super apps. Even after the arrival of smartphones, which have enough space, and high speed, these super apps continued reigning over Asian nations. Many other factors led to the success of super apps. Let’s check out some of them. 

Super app success factors

#1 Inclusiveness

Most single-purpose apps are exclusively made for a specific audience. Let’s take Instagram, for example. It is one of the most popular social media platforms. Everybody uses it, but not everyone is fond of it. Teenagers and young adults are highly active on Instagram, but when it comes to the older population, they prefer other social media platforms like Facebook. But with super apps, the case is completely different. These apps are built for everyone. Any age group and gender can use these apps because super apps focus on enhancing the internet browsing experience of the masses. This inclusiveness welcomed everyone leading to user base expansion. 

#2 Data privacy

Most super apps offer financial services, and access to an application with financial features is the dream of every online hacker. Thankfully, the developers of super apps know about it, and that’s why they are highly concerned about data privacy. Super apps come with tough security layers that do not allow your data and information to pass on to any third party. This gave safety and comfort to the users and won their confidence. Not just regular users but businesses are also highly satisfied with super apps because these applications protect business data and information in the best possible manner possible. 

#3 Homogenous market

Most Asian countries are similar in terms of culture and behavior. This creates a homogenous market for super apps. That’s why it was easy for super apps to relate to the Asian population. Hence, the creators of super apps didn’t have to put much effort into dominating the market. 

There you have it! These were just some of the many people that led to the success of super apps. These applications are highly valuable in the Asian region but are slowly establishing their presence around the globe. 

Now, it is time to move ahead and dig deeper into this topic to see how these apps will mark their presence in the European and western markets. 

Western market and super app

It is time super apps introduce themselves to the western market after dominating the entire Asian region. People in western and European nations have not really felt the need for a super app. Still, the idea of having a single app that offers various services and features is pretty anticipated.

In the western region, many single-purpose applications are gradually tapping into the world of super apps. Uber would be a nice example of this one. We all know what Uber is; no introduction is needed. Recently, it has been adding more and more services and features to its app, slowly inclining towards being a super application. Yes, it is a very smart move, considering the words of industry leaders like Elon Musk, who seems to be highly interested in investing in super apps as he believes that super apps are the future of phone applications. Many industry leaders expect super apps to be the next BIG THING in the world of technology, and that’s why they are concerned about their growth.

The advantages that super apps bring and their easy and simple interface make these applications a must-use piece of technology for everyone. Since the internet has become an integral part of our lives, we can expect these apps to simplify many online activities for us. 

To conclude the entire post, we would say that super apps are the future of phone applications. These apps offer much more than single-purpose applications, which have led them to success in Asian nations, and now they are all set to dominate the western and European regions. We can expect these apps to impact the internet browsing experience of every single person.