Twitter Advanced Search: The Definitive Guide on How to Search for Tweets

Twitter Advanced Search: The Definitive Guide on How to Search for Tweets

Social Media Platforms have become intensely popular for advertising and promotion in recent times. The reason for this is that the target market has gradually shifted to the world wide web from the old-fashioned newspapers. Hence, brands have started considering investing in promoted content on social media platforms. Promoted Tweets have become immensely popular among brands these days. Irrespective of the industry your brand belongs to, you simply cannot ignore social media marketing and advertising.

There was a time when consumers read newspapers cover to cover. However, now the same set of consumers spend their time consuming social media. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are huge sources of information. There is a lot of commotion here. Out of all, Twitter is one such platform that is continuously buzzing with people expressing themselves through content.

Twitter Advanced Search

Owing to a lot of activity throughout the day (and night), Twitter has become a great tool for marketing. It is a powerful platform that has 238 million active users, according to Companies that consider Twitter to be a thing of the past need to rethink their marketing strategy to tap such a huge platform. Not known to many is the fact that one can search all the tweets ever made through the Twitter Advanced Search Tool. It is even possible to search the profiles related to the tweets. The Advanced Search Tool is a treasure trove of information for marketers. This tool helps small and medium-sized companies too by helping them tap into new customers. This post will guide you to use Twitter effectively through advanced search.

Two methods to locate Twitter Advanced Search

To find the Twitter Advanced Search, you can go to Twitter’s website and access it from there. For this, you need to type If this sounds cumbersome to you, go to the home page of your Twitter account and type your query in the search bar. The Advanced Search bar will be located right next to the search filters in the upper-right corner of the results. This awesome tool, however, cannot be accessed directly in the mobile app of your Twitter Account. If you do not own a system, then it is easy to access it through the web browser.

Understanding Search Filters

For a novice, the Twitter Advanced Search Results Page is a tad bit complicated to understand. There are so many elements that one might get lost in the jargon maze. However, this post will help uncomplicate things and guide you to make the most of it. With tons of search filters, you might want to skip using the tool altogether. However, a few minutes on the page is enough to comprehend the useful search filters. Search filters help you select the text that you wish or do not wish to appear in the search results. Interesting, isn’t it?

Search for definite words or groups of words

  • All of these words - In this section, you need to enter at least two words. The search results will give you tweets that have those words that you typed. Alternatively, you can search for a phrase or multiple phrases by typing quotations to separate every phrase. For instance, “technical blogs” and “technical marketing”.
  • This exact phrase - This search filter allows you to search for a specific phrase. It is very useful in situations when you wish to search for quotes by someone or names of people. 
    Any of these words - This search filter is perfect while searching for multiple terms. For instance, it is possible for you to use “Marketing,” “@Marketing,” and “#Marketing” while searching for all those things that are related to Marketing. 
  • None of these words - This is an interesting search result. In this filter, if you type, “Media”, it will exclude all the tweets that are related to media in the search results. 
  • These hashtags - This search filter helps you find results related to one particular hashtag. For instance, #Marketing
  • Written in - This search filter will help you find tweets that are in any of the 34 languages supported by Twitter

Search for specific accounts

  • From these accounts - This search filter shows you tweets from the particular accounts that you select. For instance, tweeted by “@Jambuffet”.
  • To these accounts - This search filter will show you tweets that are sent as replies to a particular account. 
  • Mentioning these accounts - Herein you need to enter an account name to see the tweets mentioning a particular account. For instance, tweets that contain “@Jambuffet”.

Search for a specific location

  • Near this place - This search filter allows you to see all the tweets sent when the person was in the mentioned area.

Search based on the date  

  • From this date to this date  - This search filter is perfect to search for all the tweets made in a definite date range. For instance, you can search for Tweets that were made during the time a campaign was prevalent. 

Simple Hacks to use Twitter Advanced Search for Marketing 

Apart from the search filters mentioned above, Twitter’s Advanced Search Tool has options to filter by profiles, media type, and others. Further, marketers can even employ search tricks to make the most of this tool. 

1. Saved search 

A saved search is helpful when you want to know which accounts are sharing your content or the keywords that are relevant to your brand. It even reveals tweets that mention your account. In order to save a search query, you need to right-click on the three dots next to the search bar. Click on ‘Save this search.’ With Twitter, you can save up to 25 searches for one particular account. To see all the saved searches, just click on the drop-down menu.

2. Interactions with another account 

As and when your tweets increase on Twitter, you would find it difficult to keep a tap on all the interactions you made with another account or person. Twitter made it easy to find such tweets through Advanced Search. You just need to apply the filter “from these accounts” and “to these accounts”. And voila! All the tweets will appear from your search history on Twitter. 

3. Look for popular tweets on a subject matter

If you are a regular on Twitter, you might know that Twitter always displays Top Tweets for every topic that you type. However, with the help of this search filter, you can get results for tweets on a subject matter of your choice. In the search box, you can type the subject matter that you wish to. You can further append the operator min_retweets:[number] to filter the search results. Alternatively, you can append min_faves:[number].

4. Know your popular tweet

Ever wondered what all the beautiful things you tweeted that were liked by Twitterati? Just apply the filter mentioned in #3. To know this, you can use the Twitter Advanced Search function or the Twitter explore page. Search for “from:[your account] min_retweets[number]”

5. Look for new ideas

Twitter is one of the most preferred sources to get inspiration and ideas. You can look for ideas to tweet, post on Instagram, make a new reel, or a new video for TikTok. For people who have blogs, Twitter helps get inspiration for their new blog posts as well. While using the Advanced Search, you just have to look for what people are tweeting on a subject matter. This way you can generate leads beat the competition.

Benefits of using Twitter Advanced Search

Twitter is one such social media platform that runs quite deep. You need to understand it completely before taking a leap. While the Advanced Search tool is a little bit technical, it can be used to make the most of Twitter.

1. A platform to hunt potential clientele

Yes, Twitter will allow you to do that. There are billions of people around the world who use Twitter on a daily basis. As there are so many people present here, you can easily find potential customers for your products or services. However, you should know the trick to finding customers on such a big platform. You cannot go knocking on everyone’s account to know whether they are interested in your products.

The best way to tap the target market is to use relevant keywords and hashtags in the Advanced Search tool on Twitter. You need to type the words that your potential customers might use on Twitter. For instance, you sell tie-dye t-shirts. You can use keywords viz. ‘Buy tie-dye t-shirts’, ‘I need tie-dye shirts’ etc. This way, you will come to know all the people who are using these specific keywords in their tweets.

Thanks to social media platforms, hashtags have become a part of regular communication. Since their inception, the concepts of hashtags have evolved gradually. So as a business owner or marketer, you should definitely search for hashtags that are relevant to your line of products or services. When you have made a list of prospects, you can reach out to them through Twitter. It has quite easy to start a conversation and build long-lasting relations on this platform.

2. Discern the Target Audience

It goes without saying that customers are the core of every business. It is necessary for businesses should understand the target market. The likes, preferences, and choices of the target market matter the most. This helps expand the reach of the brand on social media platforms like Twitter. The Advanced Search tool is the best way for learning about the likes and dislikes of prospective customers.

Using this tool, you can search for keywords related to your brand that people are using. This even helps to know what are the things that are being tweeted, shared and retweeted. Marketers are able to know whether the people are excited about the products, whether there is a demand for the services if there are any complaints, and similar things.

The information gathered can be used to craft a strategy and promote the products on Twitter and even offline. The product designing team can even create products that are in demand through this information. Data rules the roost in the present times and Twitter provides enough data that can be used effectively by marketers.

3. Manage the Reputation of the Brand

Twitter is already buzzing with marketers who are trying to resolve queries and discomforts of their present and potential customers. Organizations should know what is the general feel of the people regarding their brand, products, and services. When a company knows about both positive and negative feedback, it can use the information to enhance the experience of the customers.

With the help of the Twitter Advanced Search, marketers can filter the tweets to those that mention the name of their brand. What more! They can even use emoticons while searching for the brand on Twitter. This helps understand the sentiments regarding the brand. Emoticons are a great way to know whether users are satisfied or dissatisfied with the products.

4. Discover Influencers in the Industry

Earlier, only celebrities from the film and television industry, sports, or other prominent fields used to influence the audience about the product. However, this has changed a lot in the present world. Social media platforms are buzzing with influencers who might not even be in the mainstream. They have become influencers through their engaging content.

Influencers help spread word-of-mouth about the product on social media. With the help of the Twitter Advanced Search Tool, you can discover influencers who are relevant to your brand. This tool allows you to use hashtags to discover influencers on Twitter. This will help marketers to take influencer marketing a notch higher. 

The Wrap-Up

With all this information, you can now change the game of brand marketing through your Twitter account. The Advanced Search tool is a powerful source to find new leads and build relationships with potential customers. Marketers can even promote their business easily here. However, marketers should not forget to measure the benefits they gain by using any social media platform, especially Twitter. This helps them to understand whether their strategy is taking them in the right direction.