4 Key Reasons Why Your Startup Should Utilize Social Media Marketing and How?

4 Key Reasons Why Your Startup Should Utilize Social Media Marketing and How?

Almost a decade ago, the concept of using social media to benefit businesses was alien. However, nowadays, it's precisely different. With the rise in popularity of social network giants such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, businesses has started attaching great value to marketing.  

Every social media platform has millions of users browsing, making it a big marketplace. For startups especially. Startups can use social media marketing to give direction to their vision and aim.  

Social media marketing has opened new doors for startups businesses to experiment with. And reach their target audiences without spending much in comparison to traditional marketing methods. It has also given birth to new professions, such as 

  • content marketers, 
  • influencers, 
  • branding specialists, 
  • content creators, 
  • graphic designers, etc.  

The competition is enormous, but that does not necessarily lead to less effort. You need to invest in a well-planned social media strategy as a startup.

Benefits of Using Social Media for Startups 

1. Brand Awareness 

Awareness is the prime key when doing business; big brands spend thousands of dollars on marketing. As a startup you also should focus on increasing your business awareness. The more people know about your business, the more it'll do good for you. 

Starting a startup might seem appealing, but you need to be clear with your business idea before starting the entire process. 

Brand awareness is the biggest obstacle for a new business. But you can deal with it.

Social media has vast advantages over T.V or radio- this is a fact. With the help of social media, you can spread information like wildfire. One post can reach at least a hundred people with the right keywords, hashtags, and great content.  

Engaging content and the right hashtags must be your top two priorities. Of course, other factors also exist, but these are the most potent. You can utilize the "right marketing strategy" and combine it with paid ads to reach a post's maximum potential. 

Pro tip: Choose a cost-efficient method and rightful thinking before anything else.  

Brand Awareness

How can you build brand awareness?

  • Go for referral programs. 
  • Utilize guest post 
  • Infographics to educate the target audience on services, etc. 
  • Local partnerships 
  • Social media contest 
  • LinkedIn publishing 
  • Podcasts   

2. Increase Website's Traffic 

You need a website to direct traffic. With proper social media marketing, you can offer an error-free passage to your users. All this can improve the quality of inbound traffic. Social media provides new ways to improve ranking except for SEO. 

3. Product Selling and Promotion  

Product promotion is pretty standard nowadays. Many people have created professional business accounts on social networks to sell their services. This is fabulous, especially for a startup. 

You can directly promote your business and products on any platform you prefer. With added features such as Facebook ads, you can also target specific locations. But for this, you need to do in-depth research to define your target audience.  

4. Amplify Google Search Engine Rank 

Every new or old business desires to get a top Google rank. There is no direct link between social media and SEO ranking. However, when a company creates a social media account, it gets recognition from Google. And with every post you make, it starts adding to your overall SEO performance. As the audience increases, the probability of receiving more backlinks also increases. 

How to get started with social media marketing? 

There are various methods to approach social media marketing for startups and small businesses. Today we are going to discuss some of that; 

How to get started with social media marketing?  

1. Take Advantage of Snapchat  

Many big brands such as Adidas, Nike, Taco Bell, Zomato, etc., have utilized platforms such as Snapchat to reach new audiences. Like big brands, you can use creative messages or custom filters to get the attention of potential users. It's a great platform for startups as well.  

For example- Snapchat's Lens Studio App lets you create your filter like Instagram. You can research what kind of filters are getting liked by people and develop your filter to generate audiences' interest.  

If you do not have a graphic designer on your team, you can hire a freelancer from sites such as Upwork or Fiverr. Just make sure to integrate your company's logo. After lense creation, you can post the same on Pinterest or Reddit to get organic traffic. All this without paying a sum for paid ads.  

2. Treat Instagram as a Pro  

Instagram has earned the reputation of a brand promotion platform. It has become a 

“Go-to social media platform” for startups and small businesses. It's not like big brands do not use the forum, but in comparison to other platforms- Instagram is easy to handle.

On Instagram, I suggest posting content consistently to remain in the public eyes. Posting two to three posts can help you get new audiences on top of your follower's feed. 

Contact influencers, and try to communicate with them about your startup and business vision. It can benefit you a great deal if an influencer posts your content or video. You can see what social media trends are going on and incorporate the same with your content.  

Social media for startups can do wonders if employed to their full potential. Be consistent and try to create original and engaging content.  

How to build authentic content? 

  • Do thorough research
  • Find your business voice- its purpose
  • Know your target audience's needs and wants
  • Interact with your audience often, and
  • Always use SEO best practices.

To Sum it Up! 

Social media integration can be great for your startup. Posting content on social media helps your business reach more people. Whenever you post a video or an image, it comes with new audiences, thus generating interest among people. Post engaging content with meaningful messages, tell your vision, goal, and what you aim to achieve to make a substantial impact.  

Every small step is another step to overall success. Investing time in social media for startups at present will show results later. Just be consistent with the quality of content and number of posts to be seen as a genuine and established brand.