Tricentis Tosca vs Worksoft

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Popular software testing solutions for test automation and quality control include Worksoft Certify and Tricentis Tosca. Although both programs have a comparable objective, they have some distinctions regarding their features, capabilities, and intended users. 

Tricentis Tosca 


Tosca provides a full range of testing options, such as functional testing, regression testing, performance testing, and more. It supports various platforms and technologies, including databases, APIs, and web and mobile applications. Test data management, test case design, risk-based testing, and integration with other tools used in the software development lifecycle are other characteristics of Tosca.Worksoft Certify focuses on testing and validating business processes. Enterprise systems like SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, and web-based programs, offer end-to-end test automation. Test data management, test execution, automated test authoring, and thorough reporting are all aspects that Certify provides. Additionally, it has tools for documenting and controlling business processes.
Tosca features an intuitive user interface and model-based test automation, which enables users to build tests by simulating the application's operational procedures. Additionally, Tosca provides drag-and-drop test case design and reusable test components, which can increase productivity. Non-technical people may find it simpler to create and maintain tests using this method.Certify is renowned for being user-friendly and requiring little technical expertise to construct tests. Users can record their interactions with applications and turn them into automated test scripts thanks to the capture-and-replay methodology used by this system. Users with little technical knowledge or those new to test automation could find this helpful.
Tosca provides integration capabilities with numerous third-party tools, including continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines, test management tools, and defect tracking systems. It facilitates collaboration and synchronization with well-known technologies like JIRA, ALM, Jenkins, and Git.Certify integrates corporate systems with products like HP ALM and SAP Solution Manager. Additionally, it provides APIs that enable integration with other software development lifecycles tools, such as test management software or defect tracking systems.
Tosca is appropriate for businesses and organizations with intricate application landscapes. Tosca is excellent for agile and DevOps contexts due to its flexibility and scalability. Both technical testers and business users who want to participate in the testing process are catered to by it.Certify mainly concentrates on enterprise applications, especially those built on SAP and other substantial systems. It is frequently utilized in sectors with standard SAP or similar techniques, including manufacturing, banking, and healthcare.