Introduction To Tricentis TOSCA Automation Tool

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Tricentis TOSCA is yet another software testing tool necessary for testing and making our lives easier with almost every features that comes with it. 

TOSCA stands for Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications. It was developed by Tricentis Technology & Consulting GmbH, an Austrian company, and the programming languages used to create this tool are VB6Java, and C#.

Test case management is prevalent by now. As for functional testing, there are automation tools that are popular enough right now, like QTPRFTCypress, and Selenium. These are widely used in the market as of now.

To challenge these tools, Tricentis TOSCA is an automation tool for both functional and regression testing of various software products, including GUI, Command-line interface, integrated test management, and API.


1. Agile Enterprise Software: Many organizations utilize agile methodology in today's standards of highly responsive and interactive software methodologies. Tricentis TOSCA is also an Agile enterprise software testing tool used to automate all the stages involved in test cases and offer comprehensive test management for software applications. TOSCA accelerated testing to keep up with DevOps and Agile.

2. LineaQ(sm) methodology: This tool is based on LineaQ(sm) methodology. This methodology is TOSCA's main advantage over other automation tools because AUT (Application Under Test) model is created here instead of scripts for automation tests.

3. No Scripting: With its no scripting drag and drop feature, even manual tester can participate in automation.

4. Visionary: The Tricentis company considered many ideas before building the right product for testing. That includes test script design, test automation strategy, test data design, analytics, etc. These testing aspects can help through rigorous testing of APIs and GUIs.

5. Distinctive Techniques: Its model-based test automation maximizes maintainability and reuse. Also, With TOSCA Risk-based test technique, You can obtain insights into the risk of your release candidates.

6. Additional Features:  Supports Parallel Execution, Security Testing, Mobile Testing, Automation Recording Assistant, Test Script Reviews, Integration with CI/CD Tools, Browser-Based Performance Testing.

7. Career Opportunities: Many Top MNCs, Wipro, Infosys, Toyota, Cap Gemini, Bosch, Bank of America, are using TOSCA, which means Career opportunities are increasing.