Tidy Gherkin Plugin

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Tidy Gherkin is a Chrome extension for editing and formatting feature files. You can also generate your step definition for different languages using this plugin.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Install Tidy Gherkin Plugin
  2. Features of Tidy Gherkin Plugin
  3. Video Tutorial

How to install Tidy Gherkin plugin

Step 1: Open Google and search for Tidygherkin plugin or go to chrome app store using this link

Step 2: Click on "Add to Chrome"

add to chrome tidy gherkin plugin

Step 3: Click on "Add app"

add tidy gherkin app

Step 4: Visit chrome://apps/ or the same url in Step 1 or More Tools -> Extensions -> Tidy Gherkin -> Detail -> View in Chrome Web Store

Step 5: Click on Launch app

launch tidy gherkin app

Features of the Tidygherkin plugin

1. Create Edit Feature File We can create a new feature file, Open an existing one, and save it with the name of your choice directly from the Tidy Gherkin File option.

create feature file using tidy gherkin plugin

2. Essential Edit Functions: You will see find and replace functions in the Edit menu.

edit functions in cucumber tidy gherkin plugin

3. Template: We can quickly get started on a feature file with a template. You can insert the Feature section, Scenario, and Scenario Outline template from the insert section. 

crate feature scenario and scenario outliine

4. Scenario Outline Table:  You can generate a table using the tool and insert rows and columns.

generate scenario outline table using tidy gherkin

5. Formatting: We can create feature files with a consistent layout, Preview them from the Tidy Preview section and quickly apply formatting changes to scenarios using the Tidy button. You can save your time automatically aligning all the pipes in your Scenario Outline tables by hitting 'Tidy' to get that perfect alignment. We can also press control enter for alignment.

formatting in tidy gherkin plugin

6. Syntax Tips: You will see tips to correct syntax and highlight syntax as you type and enter.

syntax tips in tidy gherkin plugin

7. Support Multiple Language: It generates Cucumber Step Definitions for Java, Ruby, and Javascript language from your Gherkin feature file.

Support Multiple Language

Video Tutorial: Tidy Gherkin Plugin