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Natural Plugin for Eclipse

Natural is a set of plugins providing a smooth experience in editing and maintaining BDD/ATDD files. The currently supported languages are Cucumber (Gherkin syntax) and JBehave, the latter still in early development stage.

Natural is a collection of Eclipse plugins to enable rich smart editing of acceptance tests using natural language definition files.

How to install natural plugin in eclipse

Step 1: Open Eclipse and Navigate to Help -> Install New Software

install eclipse natural plugin

Step 2: Type "Natural" in "Work with" textbox and press Enter from your keyboard and Select below option with Update Site:

Install Eclipse Natural Plugin

Step 3: Select checkbox for Natural

install eclipse natural plugin

Step 4: Select editor of your choice (Cucumber/JBehave) and Click Confirm

install cucumber natural editor

Step 5: Select "I accept the terms of the licence agreement" and click Finish 

accept natural plugin installation

Step 6: Select Install Anyway

install any way eclipse natural plugin

Step 7: Restart Eclipse IDE

restart for eclipse natural plugin

Submitted by tgoswami on August 29, 2020

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