Python Pandas Challenges

1. A complex syntax which is not always in line with Python

When we move towards advanced level of Pandas, it become problem for many users as many are not able to shift from normal  python codes to pandas. The code and syntax of Pandas is totally different as compared to python code, therefore some people might have problems switching back and forth.

2. Steep Learning curve

Pandas have a steep learning curve. As we go deeper in the library, the learning slope becomes steeper. It become quite confusing and can cause problems for beginners but if one have good resources and determination this is an obstacle that can be easily overcome.

3. Poor documentation

Documentation helps people to understand its own true potential and gives them an idea of all its features and applications. But in pandas it becomes difficult because of lack of good documentation. Pandas documentation isn’t much helpful to understand the harder functions of the library. Thus this impacts the learning procedure.

4. Poor 3D matrix compatibility

This is one of the major drawbacks of pandas library. However if you work on three dimension matric pandas will not be of much use because you will have to take the help of other libraries like NumPy for help.