Postman: Introduction

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Now let us talk about this famous standalone software named postman which is ridiculously awesome in testing APIs which is short for an application programming interface. It helps to test, document this stuff, design, and modify.

  • This postman also documents APIs after all these steps.
  • It has a simple graphical user interface where all kinds of HTTP requests are tested like GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, and also doesn't involve us around in writing HTML client network code.
  • Instead, here we construct test suites named collection and let the postman software interact with the API.
  • The HTTP requests are tested and later converted into the suitable languages of javascript or python or anything of your wish.

What is an API?

Application programming interface or API is mediatory for apps to communicate with each other these APIs are commonly used on chats whenever we send and receive messages and are also widely used in Facebook, Twitter, weather apps on phones.

Why Postman?

  1. Easy to access: can be installed on the go and start working after a simple login.
  2. Repeated Test Ease: repetitive tests can be done with ease with the help of the collection runner and Newman.
  3. Collections: has organized test folders of tests suits allows users to build collections for API calls.
  4. Testing: verify tests of HTTP requests and test checkpoints of those which responses are added to every API calls.
  5. Continuous integration: it supports continuous integration.