Playwright Selecting Elements that Contain Other Elements

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This article will cover an exciting topic on selecting elements that contain another element. This means we will be selecting a parent element containing the child element.

With the help of playwright CSS pseudocode, we will be handling this.

For example, we will be automating the ivagus site.

  • Open codegen using the command with your site name.
npx playwright codegen

The site is open now. Let us inspect and work on some cool stuff.

  • Let us try to fetch all of the texts from this link footer place alone.

Now how shall we do this?

  • When hovering over this part, we see that this parent contains all the texts inside.

Let us move to the console part and write our personalized locator.

  • We can see this in the console using this pseudo locator. It has fetched the parent part of the element.
  • We simply used div and id followed by ':' and 'has' within the child element CSS locator bracket.

This is the child.

await page.goto("");

const linkFooter = await page.locator("div#block-gavias-vitaco-linkfooter:has(a[href='#'])").allInnerTexts();
for await (const Texts of linkFooter){
  • Using the allInnerTexts method, we managed to get the texts of the texts present within this parent using its great-grandchild present within it.


In the same way, we can select all elements which contain another element.