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Limitations of Cypress

While there are some fun times at a certain point, there are some limits to it, meaning all things have their limitations. Even if it is cypress, it has its technical limitations.

1. Only JavaScript

  • While there are fun automation tools that have all the freedom of using our language, cypress is limited to one. Well, you guess that right.
  • ONLY JAVASCRIPT, yes cypress can only use node.js, which is pretty much knowledge demanding.
  • Demanding, in a sense, we have to know stuff about promises, jQuery, asynchronous JS, and other advanced javascript methodologies.
  • While some of the concepts like promises require more knowledge of javascript, which is an async programming model.

2. NPM Mandatory

  • Limitations bring the compulsory installation of all NPM packages in the package.json file known for all npm frameworks.
  • This manages dependencies taking part with cypress.
  • There can be errors sometimes when things go wrong in the mocha test if dependencies are not installed.

3. Lack Of MultiTab Support

  • There isn't any multitab support as the cypress test runs within the browser.

4. Slow

  • As the app scales, you cannot expect the same speed you got in the initial test execution as it may be suitable for demo and tends to get slower as it scales.
  • Cypress is slightly slower than selenium webdriver and is noticeable on a medium or large test suite.
  • Thus can be challenging to maintain test automation with cypress.

5. Poor Maintenance

  • Cypress is known to be also poor in keeping up with maintenance too.
  • The test happens to increase, which is most often the time for large-scale automated UI tests.
  • It is pretty easy to create tests than to maintain with cypress.

6. Complex Syntax

  • Although it tends to be easy, some cypress syntaxes are inferior.
  • There is a certain level of syntactic ambiguity in cypress, which makes it complex.
  • Compared to other testing frameworks complexity experienced in cypress is multiplied because of javascript.
  • Asynchronous programming can be challenging.
  • Non-engineers or any other stakeholders from SDLC cannot be a part of the testing process because of this.
Submitted by arilio666 on June 10, 2022

Ashwin is working with iVagus as a Technical Lead. He has experience in various technologies like Cypress, JavaScript, TypeScript, Rest Assured, Selenium, Cucumber, and Java.


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