Jar Files or Maven Dependencies required for Cucumber Project

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Its good idea to use Maven dependencies instead of adding jars to your project directly. Maven automatically download jars using dependencies management.

A method in java libraries generally deprecate with new version. In that case, if your team members are maintaining jars and one of the member upgrade to new jar and add a new method from new jar, then each individual needs to download the new jar and add to their project because new method is not in their old jar. Also, if team members are not working on same jars then same project will not execute for other member with different jar. 

With Maven dependency management you can ensure your whole team are using same jars. Once any team member will change dependency and commit its pom.xml to git or any other repository management tool and whenever another team member will pull the latest code. Latest jar will be automatically download to his system.

Two libraries of Cucumber dependency exist on Maven Repository. You need to download io.cucumber which is latest one. io.cucumber and info.cukes are Maven group ids. info.cukes was for Cucumber version till 1.2.5. The latest version are in io.cucumber starting from 2.0.0.

Cucumber-JVM 2.0 was released in August 2017 and should be used for new Cucumber-JVM projects. Releases may be found under Maven Group ID io.cucumber. Older Cucumber-JVM 1.x versions may be found under Maven Group ID info.cukes.

To get io.cucumber maven dependency navigate to this link io.cucumber . Copy dependency from there and paste it to your pom.xml. You need to download Basic dependencies or Jar files mentioned below. Also more dependencies depending on your project which are part of io.cucumber. Some additional dependency also required for your project to work. Download all required dependencies for your project to work. Find the complete list below:

Required Dependencies (io.cucumber)

More Dependencies (io.cucumber)

Additional Dependencies