info.cukes vs io.cucumber

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When searching for cucumber maven dependencies or jar files, you might have found two libraries: and info.cukes. You also have observed that if you are working with info.cukes and you upgrade your JVM or Java, many errors are there.

  1. io.cucumber and info.cukes are Maven group ids. 
  2. info.cukes were for the Cucumber version till 1.2.5. The latest version is io.cucumber starting from 2.0.0.
  3. Cucumber-JVM 2.0 was released in August 2017 and you can use for new Cucumber-JVM projects. You can find the release under Maven Group ID io.cucumber. 
  4. Older Cucumber-JVM 1.x versions you can find under Maven Group ID info.cukes.
  5. You can check the new version and release notes on GitHub. Check Here
  6. Refer to version 1.1.2 for more information related to info.cukes version.
  7. Migrating from info.cukes to io.cucumber might be a tough job now since current version of cucumber is 7+.