How is Robotic Process Automation different from Test Automation?

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This article will answer following questions:

  • How is the Robotic Process Automation different from Test Automation?
  • Is RPA a testing tool?
  • Is Test Automation similar to RPA?
  • How can we use RPA into testing?
  • Can Selenium be used with RPA?

Here is the answer to all above-raised question which will give you a lucid idea and highlight the difference between RPA Versus Test Automation.

ParameterTest AutomationRPA
Primary ObjectiveTest Automation automates the testing process. For instance,  testing web applications and by which can reduce test execution time through automationRPA automates business processes such as back-office process, data entry etc which helps in reducing headcount through automation.
Open source or paidThere are many tools like selenium which are open source however tools like UFT are licensed.RPA tools like UI path, automation anywhere and blue prism, their community edition is open source however business editions are licensed.
Coding KnowledgeCoding knowledge is required in order to create test scriptsCoding knowledge may be or may not be required.  
Automation scopeTest Automation can automate a product.RPA can automate product, services and other business processes.
Who can automateOnly technical geeks who have at least basic coding skills can perform automation.Developers, testers, business analyst, anyone can do automation
Major componentWebdriverBots
EnvironmentCan be implemented on the various environment includes QA, Production, Performance and UAT.Can be implemented in the Production environment only