Features of UiPath

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1. Pre-defined Activity Sets

  • To cover up the broad spectrum of process automation uipath includes 200+ inbuilt activities.
  • These pre-defined activities cover the automation process, and the application integration design works.
  • They also cover most design works like data extraction, entry, and automation activities.

2. Drag And Drop In Workflow

  • Uipath can visually display the processes using the drag and drop associated activities onto the graphical workspace and then convert the process steps into the workflow using the connectors built-in uipath.

3. Record And Play

Uipath allows us to record the actions and create an automated process sequence.

  • Basic recording: Used for automating single activities and widely used to create the entire sector of each exercise.
  • Desktop recording: Used for multiple actions as well as for desktop applications.
  • Web recording: Mainly used to record web-based activities.
  • Citrix recording: Used for recording keyboard images and virtualized environment automation.

4. Scraping

  • Scraping data from web pages is much easier with the uipath screen scraping.
  • The scraping from uipath helps to scrape data of repetitive structure.

5. Security And Robust

  • We can create intelligent, durable robots in uipath with which everyone can work in the company using these bots.
  • It offers high-security auto-login functionality to run the bots and operates with a locked screen allowing the automation processes to run in complete privacy.

6. Intelligent Scheduling

  • The unique RPA feature in uipath can scale and prioritize software bots on-demand to encounter agreements on service level.
  • Based on the deadline uipath intelligently assigns the scheduled task and makes work smoother.

7. Optical Character Recognition

  • Uipath has the feature to automate semi-structured data sources with the help of the OCR feature.
  • It is more vital than recognizing images on the screen and interpreting it effectively.

8. Image And Text-Based Automation

  • Uipath has the feature to support this automation by stimulating mouse, keyboard inputs like clicking, hovering, text recognition, and OCR activities.
  • Image and text automation is generally used in the scenario where the UI automation would not work in the virtual machine setting.