Features of Oracle Database

Oracle Database is the RDBMS ie. Relational Data Management System. It is used to store data in a tabular format. Therefore, in this article, you are going to see some of the main features of Oracle Database:

features of oracle database

The topmost feature that makes Oracle stand out of the box is its high availability. Also, you have other features like performance and scalability, Security, Backup & Recovery. Below, is a brief about these features of the oracle database:


In easy terms, the meaning of high availability is that the database must be available anytime a user wants it. The 24*7 availability of the Oracle Database is what makes it stand out of the box. At the time of any failure, Oracle provides a solution in basically three ways:

  • Oracle Flashback- This part is a solution to human errors
  • Oracle dataGuard- Used at the time of Site failure
  • Oracle RAC- Used at the time of server failure.


Oracle Database deals with high portability which means, the software that is set up using oracle can be switched to any operating system without making changes in the codes. Also, the concept of Oracle RAC which is in high demand as of now, is used to control the inconsistency and concurrency of data for the multiuser databases.


Security is of utmost importance when it comes to dealing with data. Using the features of the oracle, any unauthorized access from any unauthorized source can be controlled. Also, data can be limited to certain users.


This is the procedure that protects your database from data loss. Oracle provides a feature of backward and forward rolling of data. Thus, protecting your data at the time of crash or failure. The above-mentioned Oracle Flashback is the Rollback option that allows to roll back the database to a specific time.