Features of Java

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Java Programming language just like any other language has some of the core features that come along with it. Let us look at some of the notable features of the java programming language.

  1. Object-Oriented: The main feature of java is that it is object-oriented meaning everything is an object in java that can be easily extended since it is based on that.
  2. Platform-Independent: Unlike other of its pals c and c++ when java is compiled it is not restricted to the specific machine. It is a platform-independent because of byte code, byte code is distributed and interpreted by JVM (Java Virtual Machine) wherever it is running.
  3. Simple: One can master java programming language if one master the concepts of oops. Very easy to cope up which is how it is designed.
  4. Secure: Java is free from basically every virus, tampering, with authentications techniques that are so unique, are based on public-key encryption.
  5. Architecture-Neutral: Java generates an architecture-neutral object file format which is when compiled the code is more executable on unique processors in the presence of a java runtime system.
  6. Portable: As it is architecture-neutral this makes java portable and the compiler is written in ANSI C with a clean portability boundary too.
  7. Robust: It eliminated error-prone situations by doing mainly compile-time error checking and also runtime checking.
  8. Multithreaded: Multithreaded means that it can write and execute many tasks simultaneously and is also used to create interactive apps that can run smoothly.
  9. Interpreted: The byte code is translated on the go to the native machine instructions and also is not stored anywhere.
  10. High Performance: The just-in-time compilers java has the best all-time high performance.
  11. Distributed: Java is designed for the environment of the internet which is distributed.
  12. Dynamic: Java is considered to be more dynamic than C and C++ since it is more adaptable to an evolving environment. Everything can be solved at runtime with an extensive amount of runtime information.