Double Click in Playwright

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Playwright can also double-click the element, which will double-click the specified element.


await locator.dblclick();
await locator.dblclick(options);



  • button: optional though can be provided with left, right, or middle.
  • delay: time to wait between mouse down and mouse up in milliseconds. default is 0.
  • force: default to false, forces an action.
  • modifiers: modifiers such as alt, control, meta, and shift.
  • timeout: default is 30 seconds max time in milliseconds.
  • trial: only does the actionability checks and skip action.
  • position: x and y point axis specified according to click.
  • noWaitAfter: actions that initiate navigations are waiting for certain navigations to happen and for the page to start loading.


  • Consider this random site where when we double-click on the 'Click Me' text changes.

   await page.goto('file://D:/iVagus/Playwright/dbl.html');
   await page.locator('//*[@id="heading"]').dblclick();
   await expect(page.locator('//*[@id="heading"]')).toContainText('Welcome to the');
console.log(await page.locator('//*[@id="heading"]').textContent())
  • We can see double click worked, and the text changed to something other than the present one.