Playwright Mouse Click

In this article, we will see about the mouse click function in the playwright. The mouse click is nothing but a method that performs a simple human click.

await page.locator('//i[@class="fas fa-search"]').click()
  • This clicks on the element it was passed.
await page.locator('//a[@class="we-mega-menu-li"][normalize-space()="Tutorials"]').hover()
  • This hovers over the element and reveals the hover menu if it is there.
await page.locator('//i[@class="fas fa-search"]').dblclick()
  • This one double-clicks on the provided element.
await page.locator('//i[@class="fas fa-search"]').click({button: 'right'})
  • Context clicks on the element.
await page.locator('//i[@class="fas fa-search"]').click({ modifiers: ['Shift'] })
  • It uses the shift+click key modifier, which opens a new tab.
await page.locator('//i[@class="fas fa-search"]').click({ position: { x: 0, y: 0} })
  • Clicks based on pixel position.
  • Sometimes apps use non-trivial logic, which overlays elements with another that intercepts the click.
  • At this time, forcing a click is the best move.
await page.locator('//i[@class="fas fa-search"]').click({force: true})
  • We can also dispatch a click event if you are not interested in using the actual condition.
await page.locator('//i[@class="fas fa-search"]').dispatchEvent('click');
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