Disadvantages of Data Model

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Data modeling is a useful thing that is done before working on coding a database. This is to avoid any errors before they occur by keeping the necessary changes before developers start to work.


  1. Knowledge of Physical Data: To develop a data model you must know the physical data present and stores characteristics.
  2. No set manipulation language in DBMS
  3. Has the high impact of failure due to vulnerability when doing approach via database.

Disadvantages of Relational Data Model

  1. Expensive: Size is a factor as it needs a substantial amount of memory to run efficiently.
  2. Performance Issue: Slower with large data size
  3. Complex: Data arranged using common characteristics
  4. Risk of Data loss: During transfer is higher
  5. Structure Limitation: Modification is difficult

Disadvantages of Network Data Model

  1. Complex to Understand: Not user friendly require higher skills.
  2. Tracking of Pointers: All records are maintained using pointers 
  3. Complex Schema: Limited to structure of the field
  4. Complex Design
  5. No automated query optimization
  6. Not Flexible

Disadvantages of Hierarchical Data Model

  1. not enough to present all the data between the data element
  2. Does not follow many to one and many to many relations
  3. Lack structural independence.
  4. Data independence.
  5. Difficult to implement and manage
  6. Duplicate Data