Advantages of Data Model

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Data Modeling is a useful thing that is done before working on coding a database. This is to avoid any errors before they occur by keeping the necessary changes before developers start to work.

Here are some of the advantages of data modeling.


  1. Accurate Data Representation: It ensures whether the represented objects are accurate.
  2. Relationship between Database Objects: Ability to define a solid relationship between the tables, stored procedures, primary keys, and foreign keys.
  3. Clearer Scope: Data modeling is form of documentation. The communication part is seamless here both within and across an organization.
  4. Identify Source of Data: Helps the recognition of sources of data to make the model more populated.
  5. Document Data Mapping: In the ETL process, it can be easy as the business allows document data mappings.
  6. Control of Data Redundancy: It can identify missing and redundant data 
  7. Build Software Faster: Data Model used as a guide for writing SQL and SQL logics can be developed easily usind Data Model.
  8. Data consistency
  9. Security: Improved security
  10. Enforcement of standards
  11. Reduce Cost: Data Model catches error early