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Cypress log Command

If a message needs to be printed for our reference in the command log of cypress, then the log command is used.


cy.log(message, args...)

Arguments used in log command


  • Used to print the message needed to cypress command log.
  • This accepts a markdown formatted message.


  • Additional arguments are to be printed in the log.
  • Many arguments can be used here, and there is no limit.

Cypress Log Correct Use:

cy.log('Clone Jutsu')

This will print the string 'Clone Jutsu'

  • cy.log() yields null when used.
  • It cannot be chained further with any other command.
  • It can only be chained off with the cy.
  • It cannot have any assertions chained.
  • The log cannot timeout.


Let us see a sample example of arguments mentioned in action:


cy.log('visit successful')

Prints the message 'visit successful' in the cypress command log.


cy.log('hokages', ['Minato', 'Saru', 'Naruto'])
  • Prints with the arguments and the message.

Let us see a simple realtime log use example:

describe('Automate AutoPract',()=>{
    it('Should load the url',()=>{
        cy.log('Website Visited Successfully')
    it('Should close POPUP',()=>{
        cy.log('Popup Closed')

    it('Should click Side bar and get last item text',()=>{
        cy.get('#sub-menu').find('li').last().then($log => {
            const fLog = $log.text()

  • Here we used logs to print a message and print an object having a text.
  • We extracted the text from an element and stored it in a variable fLog.
  • And we logged the fLog.

Submitted by arilio666 on February 10, 2022

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