Cypress Clear Command

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Clear command in Cypress is an action command that clears the value of an input or textarea. This command is an alias for 




Arguments Used In Clear Command

Options (Object): Can pass in objects to change the default behavior of .type(). Here is the list of some of the options that Cypress can use with the type command:

  1. animationDistanceThreshold: Used to consider the distance between the pixels and the element and that mist exceeds over time. Default is animationDistanceThreshold.
  2. force: Forces the action. Default is false.
  3. log: Displays the record in command log in output. Default is true.
  4. scrollBehavior: This is used to viewport position where an element should be scrolled before the command execution. Default is ScrollBehaviour.
  5. timeout: Used to input time to wait for the action to resolve before timing out. Default is defaultCommandTimeout.
  6. waitForAnimations: Waits for the animations to finish before executing the command. Default is waitForAnimations.


1. Correct Usage

  • Clears type_here input
  • Clears textarea
  • Clear focused input/textarea

2. Wrong Usage

  • It cannot be chained off 'cy.'
  • 'get' doesn't yield input or textarea
  • 'URL' doesn't yield a DOM element.

Cypress Clear Command Example

it('Type Username And Password',()=>{
  • Here is the username field. After typing in the text, it gets cleared of it.
  • In the password field, it gets cleared before typing in the input text.

Cypress Clear Command