Cypress BeforeEach and AfterEach Hook

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In this article, we will see how we can use the two hooks beforeEach and afterEach. Before we use them, let us know what they are.


  • beforeEach hook runs code before each test in a suite.
  • It is commonly used to set the environment before proceeding to the actual test.
  • Like a repeated thing we do before each test to start with.
  • Generally, logging in or creating data that a test depends upon comes here.


  • afterEach hook is opposite to what beforeEach hook does within it.
  • They are commonly used to clean up after a test, such as logging out, returning to the main page, or resetting the environment to its original state.


Let us automate the autopract site.

before hook - visit the URL
beforeEach hook - close popup
Test - add trimm dress to cart
afterEach hook - return to the main page
after hook - log that test has been completed

describe('Automate AutoPract',()=>{
   before(() => {
   it('Add Trim Dress To Cart',()=>{

       cy.log('Test Ended')
  •  As the popup occurs frequently, this is considered inside the beforeEach, which must be closed to start the test.
  • After adding to the cart, we must return to the main page.
  • This can be in the after each as it relates to resetting to the main page often.