Cucumber Extent Report: Using Device & Author Tags

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The Device and Author Information can be added as tags in Extent Report. To use this feature, you need to enable a couple of settings in the extent properties file and use tags in a specific format.

Table of Content

  1. Device and Author Settings
  2. Using Default Prefix
  3. Using Custom Prefix
  4. Video Tutorial

Device and Author Settings

To enable this feature, set extent.reporter.spark.enable.device and settings value to true in your file.


Using Default Prefix

You need to prefix your devices tags with @dev_ and author with @aut_. These are case insensitive. For example, if your device is an iPhone, use the @dev_iphone tag, and if your author is Adam, use @aut_adam.

@dev_iphone @aut_adam
Scenario: non capture
Given I am on the homepage
    Then I select 1st value
	Then I select 2nd value
	Then I select 3rd value
	Then I select 4th value
@dev_ipad @aut_mark
Scenario: non capture 2
    Given I am on the loginpage

Once you add the tags and execute your scripts, you will see author and device tabs in your extent report.

Device Information in Extent Report

Device Information in Extent Report

Author Information in Extent Report

Author Information in Extent Report

Using Custom Prefix

In case you are not using default prefixes @dev_ and @aut_ and are using different prefixes. You can specify your prefixes in the file using settings extent.reporter.spark.prefix.device and


Here @device_ and @author_ are user defined prefixes; you can use any other.

Video Tutorial: Cucumber Extent Report: Device & Author Tags