Cucumber Extent Report Config File

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Cucumber Extent Report Config File

The Extent Configuration file is used to change the default settings of the extent report. You can set value for the following options:

  • theme
  • encoding
  • protocol
  • timelineEnabled
  • enableOfflineMode
  • thumbnailForBase64
  • documentTitle
  • reportName
  • timeStampFormat

You can also set custom javascript and CSS styles.

Follow the below steps to use the configuration file:

Step 1: Configure Extent Grasshopper Adapter.

Step 2: Create a new config file with any name and extension .xml (e.g., extent-config.xml) and place it inside the src/test/resources folder or any other location.

Step 3: Copy XML Data from extent github config folder and paste it into your XML file

Step 4: Add the path of the config file in the extent properties file


Video Tutorial: Cucumber Extent Report Config XML